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Unicorn Network, Safezone and YEM in the press.

Unicorn Network launches 4 new pages and projects
Don't make a mess, the motto was big - and so the administration of the Unicorn Network announced the start of 4 new pages and projects within a few days.

Unicorn Network 2022 Kick-off Webinar Recap January 10, 2022
Topics: 1. YEM Foundation updates 2. PerNum Wallet updates 3. YEMBids updates 4. Shobbit and Maximum Profit Now 5. Digital Assets Consulting 6. IGOFA 7. YEMBots 8. More important updates

Hello YEM owners, this is the penultimate notification of this kind. After the start of a first prototype of the SHOPPING COMPASS, there will be more diverse information options in the course of the development of version 2.0, which will keep you informed about new YEM offers.