Important Safezone Update (1/2) - Safezone Pass becomes PerNum Pass


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Update 2/2


The Unicorn Network/Safezone Administration is proud to introduce to you PerNumPass!

PerNumPass is your place for all your personal details related to your account, including your profile, email, password, and Master PIN management and additional privacy and security features!

There are additional functions and features available through PerNumPass including the Verificons, a separate username and avatar picture, and your profile picture, which displays with your PerNumPass for verification purposes. Be sure to read the webinar recaps below for additional details on these new features, especially the Verificons.


No action required

Please note PerNumPass will replace the SafeZone Pass website for your account details and initial verification steps.


Log in with your SafeZone/PerNum Pass to see all the details.


New verification deadlines

 Please also note, all full verifications with SafeIdent have a 1 year validity as it has been noted in various webinars since September 2022, if you find your account verification is noted as expired or unverified, that means it is outdated and you must renew your full verification with SafeIdent if you wish to use those services where it is required.


More info

For more information about PerNumPass and all the new features, please see the webinar highlights noted below for more details:

For more info about Verificons, see the January 23, 2023 Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights.
For general info about the new features on PerNumPass, see the Double Feature Webinar on February 15, 2023
For more info about the new details on SafeIdent, see the Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights - February 22, 2023.


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