Important Safezone Update (2/2) - We Share Success becomes Invitation Marketing

From: Galaxy Marketing


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Update 1/2


The Unicorn Network/Safezone Administration is proud to bring you Invitation Marketing!

Invitation Marketing is the place for all your affiliate related news, webinars, campaigns, commissions, bonuses, rewards and more!


All webinars related to Invitation Marketing, including all affiliate campaigns, will now only be published on the Invitation Marketing website.

What happens to WSS?

We Share Success will remain the company under which Invitation Marketing operates. However, the previous We Share Success website will now be redirected to the new page, so you'll always have the latest information, which can now be found on Invitation Marketing.

Log in with your PerNumPass (formerly SafeZone Pass) to see all the details.

Further information

For more information on invitation marketing, see the March 1, 2023 and April 13, 2023 webinar highlights. For the latest updates on the affiliate commission breakdown, see the June 8, 2023 webinar highlights


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