Wealth Management

YEMNATION - Earn with NFT [100% YEM Payment]
Here comes another great use case for your YEM! YEMNATION enables you to trade with NFT by using YEM! A fantastic opportunity to invest and make profits in EUR/USD. It works like a Bridge.

YEM BREAKING NEWS - Proof Of Stake  & Supporters Club
Great news for all YEM owners with assets under 10 YEM. Staking is now possible from 0.1 YEM! So far, only the "whales" from 10 YEM in the wallet were allowed to place their coins in the Proof Of Stake (POS) protocol and thus participate in the fees of the YEMCHAIN. This has now changed significantly.

Happy Earnings with SHOPPING COMPASS
After the first prototype, we have the public version of the SHOPPING COMPASS as good as finished and we expect the publication of Version 2.0 towards the end of November / beginning of December 2021. What´s in for you?

Imagine a World full of YEM Deals!
"I'm currently in New York. Where can I go shopping with my YEM?" , or "In which London restaurant can I have dinner with YEM today?", "Who in my region repairs my washing machine for YEM?", "Which campsite in Australia can I pay with YEM?" This or a similar question has probably been asked by every YEM owner. Here comes the solution.