Happy Earnings with SHOPPING COMPASS

Good news!

After the first prototype, we have the public version of the SHOPPING COMPASS as good as finished and we expect the publication of Version 2.0 towards the end of November / beginning of December 2021.


What is certain is that there will be an affiliate program. This will be activated with version 3.0.


What's in it for you?


For each DEAL you get up to 100 USD in YEM!
Of this, 50% is an activation bonus if the deal goes live and 50% is a stability bonus if the deal is still up-to-date after one year. The respective premiums and bonuses each contain 12% time-related qualification bonuses. More details will follow.


Each business can upload an unlimited amount of deals!

The "product" that you "sell" does not cost a single cent. Free forever! No joke!


Potential recognized? Then go out into the shops! If you know what you got with YEM and the SHOPPING COMPASS, it will be a pleasure for you to tell a businessman who spends thousands of euros and dollars a month on senseless advertising.


Potential not yet recognized? Train here:


Have fun and happy earnings!

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