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Understanding the SHOPPING COMPASS Effect
Today we explore the basic meaning and purpose of Shopping Compass. What is Shopping Compass and what is this platform supposed to achieve?

Welcome in #1 YEM Marketplace
Dear YEM Community, As you all know, the YEM needs a real use in everyday life. After all, that's what it was created for. In the last weeks and months we have been busy and created a great and suitable platform for you. Requested by many and now finally ready for launch! We call it: Your Everyday Shop

For a strong YEM economy – Everybody can become an Expert!
Did you know that anyone can become an expert on the SHOPPING COMPASS? And did you know that this increases the demand and thus the liquidity of the YEM currency?

How can YEM Coins be multiplied? [Update]
YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY (YEM) is definitely your best choice to rely on a reliable, stable currency for digital payments in daily shopping. You are not only promoting your own prosperity, you are also part of a global, revolutionary movement at the same time. Here are some options that you can use to increase your existing YEM balance on the Pernum Multi Wallet or start collect YEM from scratch.

Safezone Vision - Digital Payment Revolution (Pay With YEM)
There are exciting updates for you as a YEM holder or YEM business! We have launched our own unique Wordpress / WooCommerce Plugin for YEM payments. With that plugin, it is possible to accept and make YEM payments in any WooCommerce shop.

Hello YEM owners, this is the penultimate notification of this kind. After the start of a first prototype of the SHOPPING COMPASS, there will be more diverse information options in the course of the development of version 2.0, which will keep you informed about new YEM offers.

Happy Earnings with SHOPPING COMPASS
After the first prototype, we have the public version of the SHOPPING COMPASS as good as finished and we expect the publication of Version 2.0 towards the end of November / beginning of December 2021. What´s in for you?

WHAT HAPPENED IF... ... only 1000 YEM owners would get to work and only send a single comparable message to a retailer / shop operator every day? Let's make a calculation to plan the possible number of YEM offers in the SHOPPING COMPASS: