Understanding the SHOPPING COMPASS Effect


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Today we explore the basic meaning and purpose of SHOPPING COMPASS.

What is SHOPPING COMPASS and what is this platform supposed to achieve?



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The exact definition

First of all, you have to understand that SHOPPING COMPASS is a search engine for your payment. So it's not a shop, but a service that helps all YEM owners find offers that they can pay with YEM currency.

But that's not all, because the platform consists of several components, all of which serve one single purpose: generating liquidity for the currency. The backbone is a fully automated commission system for marketing consultants and managers. This means that SHOPPING COMPASS is investing in building a marketplace. But before we briefly examine these components, it is important to understand how liquidity is created for a currency.


2 ways to liquidity

Ultimately, liquidity means that money flows. This can be done in different ways. On the one hand, through many trade transfers on the relevant exchanges, or through direct application options. The more trading, the greater the flow of money. This seems logical and simple. But a distinction must also be made between liquidity generated artificially, i.e. through trading robots, and liquidity that arises organically. The latter form finds its purpose in the economy. So it's a bot and simulation-free zone with real applications.

But how does this movement come about?

Well, that is also explained quite simply. It needs investors. This can be just a few, or the volume can be spread across many small investors. While the YEM Foundation ensures that the conditions are met for large investors, the SHOPPING COMPASS model takes the other approach by dividing the trading volume among many small investors.

These small investors are traders and service providers of all kinds who, instead of buying directly from you, invest their fiat money in products or your service time. In conjunction with SHOPPING COMPASS, this investment has a marketing effect for the companies and at the same time creates an independent marketplace for your payment. In this way, stores not only earn inflation-protected currency, but also find new customers for the rest of their offerings.


The 4 main segments

Now - as I said - briefly about the individual components of the SHOPPING COMPASS.
On the one hand, there is the commission program already mentioned, which pays out attractive rewards to those who help introduce new business into the YRM economy and pave their way into the world of digital payments.

The basis for this is a recommendation system through which each participant sends the advisors those stores, shops, restaurants, etc. where they would like to pay with YEM. Every user also receives an immediate reward for this activity. In addition, you can share in the success of the consultants and marketing managers you may have recommended.
Consultants have access to a success system with which they can manage their contacts and control their activities. The success system is designed in such a way that it distributes the contacts until all recommendations or manually recorded contacts have had a consultation and were able to make a free, fact-based decision to join the YEM economy.

All users can ensure the distribution and awareness of SHOPPING COMPASS and YEM in general. In the shopping compass marketing segment, campaigns and tools are available that can even be used to earn money on external advertising services. Or simply pay a publisher to publish your advertising. Of course 100% withYEM.

And of course, last but not least, an essential component of the YEM infrastructure should not be missing. With “Your Everyday Shop”, retailers and private individuals receive a complete shop solution including payment, customer loyalty tool and affiliate program at their fingertips. All offers are automatically listed in the SHOPPING COMPASS search engine and accessible to a large audience worldwide.

This means that all gates are open to starting your business and getting started with online trading is child's play.

Without the community everything is nothing!

Now it's your turn. What are you waiting for? Register today all the shops, service providers and businesses where you would like to pay with YEM, or get involved directly as a consultant and help business owners make good decisions by getting new customers to their websites and stores, Optimize empty times and protect your sales profits from inflation.

Thank you for your attention and good luck with the SHOPPING COMPASS effect!


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