Safezone Vision - NEW FEATURE - Traffic Resources (Earn Referrals!)
This new feature allows you to get referrals for any kind of traffic resource we list! Use the TRAFFIC RESOURCES for your SAFEZONE 5 Generations! It's easy!

How you too can contribute to increasing the demand for YEM!
Did you know...that you can use our SCUBE video library to invite interested people to get to know the YEM and SHOPPING COMPASS? Here is an example:

Additional Info from Support
Need help? Use the handy SUPPORT hexagon in the SafeZone. For all Unicorn Network Webinar info: Log in to read recaps and register for webinars here: (WEBINARS hexagon) Remember to check out the SafeZone Radio Show too! Airing live every Thursday from 11a.m.-12 p.m. USA Pacific Time. Listen live and check out past show recordings at: (RADIO SHOWS hexagon) *** For all YEM Foundation related info: Read the latest news and archives...

Unicorn Network 2022 Kick-off Webinar Recap January 10, 2022
Topics: 1. YEM Foundation updates 2. PerNum Wallet updates 3. YEMBids updates 4. Shobbit and Maximum Profit Now 5. Digital Assets Consulting 6. IGOFA 7. YEMBots 8. More important updates

Recently in the crypto world - Today: December 4th, 2021

The best crypto currency in the world
In the next few minutes you will get to know what is probably the best cryptocurrency in the world. I will show you its most important properties and the infrastructural architecture of this digital means of payment. With a little patience and expertise, this money will allow you to fulfill your material desires. You will be amazed and happy to receive this valuable information today.

WIN with SHOPPING COMPASS - Daily YEM Prizedraw
WOW, our Marketing Director had the crazy idea of ​​giving away a prize to our Youtube Channel subscribers. From now on you can win $1000.- in valuable Free YEM every day!

Hello YEM owners, this is the penultimate notification of this kind. After the start of a first prototype of the SHOPPING COMPASS, there will be more diverse information options in the course of the development of version 2.0, which will keep you informed about new YEM offers.

Happy Earnings with SHOPPING COMPASS
After the first prototype, we have the public version of the SHOPPING COMPASS as good as finished and we expect the publication of Version 2.0 towards the end of November / beginning of December 2021. What´s in for you?

How can YEM Coins be multiplied? [Update]
YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY (YEM) is definitely your best choice to rely on a reliable, stable currency for digital payments in daily shopping. You are not only promoting your own prosperity, you are also part of a global, revolutionary movement at the same time. Here are some options that you can use to increase your existing YEM balance on the Pernum Multi Wallet or start collect YEM from scratch.

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