Beware of fraudulent projects


Unicorn Network Admin Update, May 9, 2024


There have been warnings about this so-called YEM Binance going around, they are not affiliated with YEM, YEM Foundation, SafeZone, Unicorn Network, or any other of our associated companies or projects. Be wary!

The YEM Foundation and of course Unicorn Network have been notified and are doing the needful from their sides. 
See the warning below for further info and tips to stay safe!


We would like to point out that some imitators are trying to use the names YEM and SafeZone for fraudulent activities.

Never enter your login information on websites that are not clearly associated with YEM Foundation or SafeZone.


Never pay YEM or any other currency to a website that promises to liquidate YEM or provide benefits in exchange for payment.


Report suspicious websites directly to the YEM Foundation and do not share the links in public groups.


Protect yourself and other YEM holders by copying, forwarding and sharing this message.


Thank you.




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