FYEM - purpose and application [Update]
If you have already taken a close look at the transactions on the YEMCHAIN, you have probably asked yourself - what exactly are FYEM? So here is a brief explanation.

Understanding the SHOPPING COMPASS Effect
Today we explore the basic meaning and purpose of Shopping Compass. What is Shopping Compass and what is this platform supposed to achieve?

YEM vs. Crypto: Unraveling the Uniqueness in the World of Digital Assets
When most people think of digital assets, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum likely come to mind. However, the world of programmable money has expanded far beyond just cryptocurrency. One project exploring new frontiers is YEM, created in 2017 as a "rainbow currency" developed openly by over 3,700 individuals globally.

SHOPPING COMPASS Recommendation System is live!
It's live! Now that all final tests have been successful, we are happy to announce the launch of our unique and exclusive recommendation system.

Welcome in #1 YEM Marketplace
Dear YEM Community, As you all know, the YEM needs a real use in everyday life. After all, that's what it was created for. In the last weeks and months we have been busy and created a great and suitable platform for you. Requested by many and now finally ready for launch! We call it: Your Everyday Shop

Important Safezone Update (2/2) - We Share Success becomes Invitation Marketing
From: Galaxy Marketing Source: wazzub.com Reading time: ca. 2 Min. Update 1/2

Important Safezone Update (1/2) - Safezone Pass becomes PerNum Pass
The Unicorn Network/Safezone Administration is proud to introduce to you PerNumPass!

For a strong YEM economy – Everybody can become an Expert!
Did you know that anyone can become an expert on the SHOPPING COMPASS? And did you know that this increases the demand and thus the liquidity of the YEM currency?

How can YEM Coins be multiplied? [Update]
YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY (YEM) is definitely your best choice to rely on a reliable, stable currency for digital payments in daily shopping. You are not only promoting your own prosperity, you are also part of a global, revolutionary movement at the same time. Here are some options that you can use to increase your existing YEM balance on the Pernum Multi Wallet or start collect YEM from scratch.

Press Releases
Unicorn Network, Safezone and YEM in the press.

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