What happens to your SHOPPING COMPASS recommendations


As you may know, in January 2024 we released the last part of the SHOPPING COMPASS system and made it available to everyone: The Recommendation System (RecSys).

The SHOPPING COMPASS now includes a perfectly coordinated system for generating YEM liquidity through small investors (businesses that invest in products/services that they offer in exchange for YEM payment).


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Also available as video


It contains...

+ A search engine for offers with YEM payment
+ A classifieds platform for offers with YEM payment
+ A commission system for consultants
+ A commission system for marketing managers
+ A marketing section for publishers and advertisers
+ A recommendation system for massively recording potential businesses, consultants and managers
+ A contact management system (SucSys) for consultants to successfully process the recorded RecSys data.

In addition, SHOPPING COMPASS provides free information and training via email delivery for all 3 target groups (YEM owners, consultants, managers) and operates its own video library with dozens of explanatory videos for all areas.


The perfect addition

A high-quality shop solution for private and business providers including all YEM payment functions, affiliate program, statistics, support and notification system, and much more closes the last gap and forms the basic element of a successful, independent YEM ecosystem. Even if it is not directly part of the SHOPPING COMPASS, it is connected to it via an export function. Shop operators can have their offers entered in the SC search engine with one click and thus increase their reach.

Now let's come to the recommendation system mentioned at the beginning. This module forms the basis for generating liquidity for YEM. With the help of RecSys, SC marketing consultants receive the necessary data from the shops where YEM holders would like to pay with YEM. Our consultancies then help these shops to get to know YEM, use it as a marketing tool and thus provide application possibilities for the YEM community. These application possibilities generate demand for YEM, which in turn increases liquidity. It is therefore a perfect cycle that only needs to be pushed forward by human activity.

We have received many inquiries since the release of RecSys. Of course, our FAQ section already answers the basics. However, we would like to go into what exactly happens with the recommendations you submit to the SC system.


What happens to your recommendations?

After you have submitted your business recommendation in the SHOPPING COMPASS system, a suitable consultant will contact the shop or service provider to inform them and help them join the YEM marketplace. You decide whether the consultant can use your name as a reference or whether they contact the business in their own name. In both cases, you have already received a bonus for your activity.

When you recommend a potential consultant (e.g. by transferring them from a freelancer portal or a marketing group on Facebook, etc.), an SC marketing manager will contact that person. You remain completely anonymous to the potential consultant. Based on your Pernum, if successful, we will assign that consultant to your downline so that you receive the corresponding success bonus.

Earn 100 USD in YEM per day (instant payout)
Start here: https://shoppingcompass.net/user/shoppingcompass_recommend


All SHOPPING COMPASS services are available to the entire YEM community free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

We wish everyone who feels called upon to use this power tool and spread the word much success so that YEM becomes more and more established as a daily means of payment.


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