FYEM - purpose and application [Update]


If you have already taken a close look at the transactions on the YEMCHAIN, you have probably asked yourself - what exactly are FYEM? So here is a brief explanation.

By: Safezone Expert
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FYEM are a PROOF OF ACTIVITY (POA) incentive of the YEMCHAIN and serve as SAFEZONE's internal rewards token. The "F" in this abbreviation stands for "Free".

FYEM, i.e. FREE YEM are basically free! They can usually be earned or won through activities and are therefore a voluntary reward from the UNICORN NETWORK founders to all members of the SAFEZONE.

Within the Safezone there are already opportunities to purchase valuable offerings with FYEM. And there are constantly more. FYEM is debited with priority for every offer with YEM participation.

Next to
www.LOTTEFREE.com (to win YEM with FYEM!)
www.EEBOOX.com and
www.VMT.digital (purchase from your wallet at www.pernum.com)

currently already exists
www.MYREWARDS.center (USA only)
www.pharmacies.directory (USA & Puerto Rico only).


And even 3rd Party Projects like


accept FYEM payment at its store.


[New] But in general every YEM Shop that offers payment with PERNUMPAY accepts FYEM. So the opportunities are endless. (Vendors: You can convert FYEM received from sales back into YEM by just 1 Click from your Pernumpay Backoffice)


Where and how can FYEM be collected?


The following options are currently available:

- Create posts, topics and comments on www.wazzub.com
- Create statements, vote and comment on www.proorno.com
- Win on www.lottefree.com and www.prizemania.net.
- Shop at affiliated stores and get digital cashback in FYEM (Example).

- Read news articles at www.internet24.news .

- Read Crpyto- & Blockchain News at www.digitalnews.center.

- Search the Web with www.safesearch.center.

Have fun with FYEM!
One more important note at the end: If you are ever offered FYEM for sale, please decline this offer and report the provider's pernum to support at www.safe.zone.

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