YEM Foundation sets high expectations with new plans

Today we are pleased to report on the latest events related to YEM (Your Everyday Money) and the YEM Foundation.

By: Safezone Expert
Date: May 14, 2024
Reading time: approx. 5 minutes


At escort

Since parts of the following information could unsettle some readers, here are some important tips on the correct "use" and how to better classify this article:

1. The author of this article is and remains loyal to the YEM currency and has been working on his own projects that promote the YEM economy for years.

2. The author of this article has been answering all support requests from visitors to this website and readers of our newsletter for 4 years now. The same applies to the German-language website (for around 12 years). It is not uncommon for him to serve as a volunteer grief box and an outlet for frustration, hatred and threats of all kinds.

3. On the basis of 2. and at the end of his patience, the author of this article finally launched a solidarity project called Initiative YEMCONOMY in March 2024, within which constructive ideas for promoting the YEM Economy could be proposed. These ideas were then democratically selected in a preliminary vote. This initiative, its results, and the over 320 signatories of a corresponding letter have so far been ignored by the YEM Foundation.


The reason given by those responsible is that there is no access to the email inbox to which the letter was demonstrably sent. This claim is proven to be unfounded. All applications for the National Director (BND) elections were submitted to the same address and were therefore screened. Now to claim that you don't have access to this mailbox is a real insult to the common sense of the YEM owners.

They also didn't make any effort to make contact after following all the events weeks before in the Wazzub forum. This includes the complete letter, as well as the delivery confirmation and the request for confirmation of receipt. A corresponding protocol can be followed from here.


The YEM Foundation's ignorance of the Initiative YEMCONOMY violates the democratic rights of the YEM owners.

4. The author of this article is committed to complete and objective reporting, mentioning all facts. He is not the cause of the events, just reports about them.


5. The author of this article refrains from launching personal campaigns against the YEM Foundation or the leading team. The reporting is not directed against individual people and would be just as ruthless if the protagonists had different names. It is not motivated by suspicion or by base emotions such as hatred, envy, etc. Rather, the author's fixed system of values and an objective approach dictate that he be guided by truth, freedom, democratic order and justice.


6. The author of this article clearly distinguishes between the goals of the YEM Foundation and the way in which these goals are implemented. He also unmistakably separates the protagonists from the currency itself. YEM is and remains the best currency in the world!


7. With reference to points 1-6, the author of this article claims to place one or two personal comments in his work.


What it's about

The current interim administration (Interim Board of Directors, BID) of the YEM Foundation has the primary task of organizing and carrying out the elections of a regular BID. These elections are due in quarter 2 of 2024. So far no one has heard a word about it or been able to familiarize themselves with possible new candidates. Instead, the Interim BID initiated a vote, so to speak in a "cloak and dagger campaign" (contrary to the YEM Foundation's previous voting protocol), the result of which on May 6, 2024 now sets the course for significant changes within the YEM concept. All YEM holders were called upon to cast their vote at short notice. Instead of remaining neutral, the BID suggested to voters directly on the voting form, in writing and using visual clues, which cross they should tick. No comment!

Specifically, it was about the decision
- whether the YEM Foundation should move its headquarters from the USA to Liechtenstein
- whether the reference value should be changed from USD to CHF
- how the conversion should be designed (conversion indicator)


The results

After there was initially justified criticism of the procedure, some questions were clarified in advance with the help of attentive observers while the vote was ongoing. This information was needed to give the YEM holders the opportunity to make a calm and fact-based decision without being guided by affective emotions of impatience, dissatisfaction or even greed.

After the administration of the Unicorn Network also contacted the YEM Foundation with an extensive catalog of 66 questions, further ambiguities were resolved for the YEM holders. However, many questions still remained unanswered. Initially, it was planned to bring about a new edition of the vote according to the usual ordering principle through a NO vote of all UN business accounts in order to gain some time to discuss and think about the YEM Foundation's serious voting proposals. Meanwhile, there was even a certain dissatisfaction among the discussion participants with the UN's praiseworthy educational activities. There was apparently not as much need for more background knowledge about the announced measures and projects as initially assumed.

Ultimately, it was decided to hold a joint "conspiratorial" meeting with the YEM Foundation, as, according to their statement, these were plans that required a certain amount of discretion in advance. After signing a confidentiality agreement and a 3-day extension of the voting period, the UN management received relevant insights and ultimately decided to support the YEM Foundation's plans. Read the relevant message about it here.

We trust in the decision of the UN leadership and wish the YEM Foundation every success in implementing the approved plans.


Shadows rush ahead

Unfortunately, the voting event was overshadowed by the observation of some members who were able to document possible multiple voting or the deletion of votes that had already been cast for each wallet during the ongoing vote. Only a certified system log can provide precise information about the actual events in the database. However, as stated on the YEM Foundation website, all votes were counted correctly, so the decision was made to declare the vote valid and to publish a letter of thanks to the YEM holders immediately after it ended.


It is important to understand that the observers of these events make no claim that this manipulation was intentional or a programming error. However, this does not undo the events that took place. Neither does the subsequent correction of the error.


After just one paragraph, the above-mentioned thanks are immediately followed by a call for patience. Many bureaucratic steps would now be necessary and the technical implementation of the changes would also take time. You immediately get carte blanche for the implementation of unknown projects, packaged obviously and very subtly, for an indefinite period of time. A clever move or just another - of course uncalculated - pre-programming of frustration and disappointment?



In any case, we admire the courage and determination to implement the plans that have been repeatedly announced since November 2023. However, now is also the “delivery time” and the leadership of the YEM Foundation will be judged against this in just a few months - despite the self-issued carte blanche (or precisely because of that?). The YEM community had already been put off with announcements for long enough, which had certainly triggered enthusiasm about the new movements and apparently eliminated any critical intellect among some of those entitled to vote.


A rogue who thinks that this timing was part of the plan of Interim BID President Lora Bilger and her team. The way the votes were organized at least allows one to assume that this is the case - and that in itself is a real shame.


Let us now hope that the high expectations of the future development of the YEM will be fulfilled, which have been strengthened not least by the many arguments of Ms. Bilger and those of some of her active supporters.


We will publish a history and event log shortly in order to fully document the announcements and results of the YEM Foundation's activities in the future.


Thank you for your attention!


Safezone Expert

from the GALAXY MARKETING team


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    JOHN ANDREW (Thursday, 16 May 2024 21:16)

    I am really happy for the growth of YEM foundation hope to see more light in it for future.