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"I'm currently in New York. Where can I go shopping with my YEM?" , or "In which London restaurant can I have dinner with YEM today?", "Who in my region repairs my washing machine for YEM?", "Which campsite in Australia can I pay with YEM?" This or a similar question has probably been asked by every YEM owner.

Here comes the solution: Simply search for the relevant offers in the SHOPPING COMPASS.



SHOPPING COMPASS brings you directly into contact with the YEM acceptance points. Look in your back office at in the SHOPPING COMPASS area under "Subscriptions" and subscribe to up to 3 categories (e.g. deals from Germany, clothing & shoes, hotels, etc.) As soon as an offer appears, you will receive one from SV short notification straight to your inbox.

We have also set up various social media channels on which you can also be informed about new offers and special features. You can open the channels for activating the notification with the related link below.


YEM - what is it?

YEM stands for YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY and is the digital currency with which your shopping credit increases. Unlike with Euros or Dollars, you can expect an enormous increase in value with YEM in the coming months and years. You can find out why this is the case and why this currency is stable towards the bottom in this document:

Confidence in YEM 4.0



The SAFEZONE is the network from which the YEM emerged and where the YEM holders own their wallet. To date there are already over 1.2 million YEM holders. Are you one of them already? Start here to get to know the YEM in detail >>>


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