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The multifunctional wallet from PERNUM offers the user great freedom. Starting with the administration of YEM and all utility tokens of YEMCHAIN, to fiat currencies such as EUR and USD (more are planned), assets such as metals, lithium and oil, to Bitcoin and Ethereum - the Pernum Multi Wallet (PMW) is the safest place to keep your values and finances.


The Features


Your Pernum Multi Wallet can do all of this:


Load your PMW with euros, US dollars, Bitcoin and Ethereum from a bank account or any crypto wallet.


Withdraw your money to a bank account or an external crypto wallet.


Send and receive money from other PMW users at the speed of light.


- Expand your Pernum Multi Wallet with a virtual IBAN and have your salary or pension transferred to you, for example. Pay your rent, etc. with your new online account.
- Expand your Pernum Multi Wallet with a virtual debit card and pay wherever you can go online with a mobile device. Worldwide!
- Expand your Pernum Multi Wallet with a physical debit card and pay offline in local stores, hotels and restaurants or withdraw cash from an ATM. Worldwide!
- Receive exclusive VIP offers as a holder of a VISA Metal Card (in preparation).


Under the protection of the Safezone


Expensive hardware wallets are a thing of the past! Forgot login details - who cares ?!

You have already received everything you need to keep your finances bomb-proof with your Safezone Pass:

  • Your PERNUM (Safezone login)
  • Your Masterpin (2-step authenticator without additional app)

All values are managed and transferred transparently and in a way that is friendly to the authorities on the private YEMCHAIN. And even if the Masterpin is lost, the account can be made accessible again using the verified Pernum.



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