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What is YEM?

YEM (Your Everyday Money) is the name of the trading coin for a digital currency, the Rainbow Currency. You can find out all the details about the YEM here.


How much does this service cost?

All SHOPPING COMPASS services are 100% free of charge - both for providers and for YEM customers.
Read the disclaimer >>>



What do I have to do as a merchant or service provider to publish my offer in the SHOPPING COMPASS?


Create your classifieds here and send it in for review.



Why should I offer YEM as a payment option to my customers?


Please read the introduction for advertisers on SZL.


As a customer, do I have to register a member account in order to find YEM offers?


No, of course you can always call up the SHOPPING COMPASS manually and search for offers. It's best to set up a bookmark in your browser right away.


How can I access the SHOPPING COMPASS to see what offers are available for payment in YEM?


You can find the SZL start menu of the SHOPPING COMPASS with the following link: .


You can also be notified by email when a new offer in your category has been published in the list. Look for "Subscriptions" in your back office at


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Send your question about SHOPPING COMPASS to our Team. You can find the answer here within 12-24 hours - anonymously, of course.


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