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Dear merchant and / or service provider,

Finding new customers is often difficult and expensive.
The "C" crisis also requires new, creative solutions in order to keep operations going in a meaningful way.



Lift your business up to the next level!


How about if you not only find new customers here, but your net profit also steadily increases in value without increasing your prices or having to sell more. That would be awesome, wouldn't it !?

Safezone Lifestyle cordially invites you to fulfill this wish. Together with a global network and almost 30 years of marketing experience, we bring your offer to the customer.

Are you still on the ball, or have you already given up believing in your success?

Ok, here comes the magic formula ...



  • YEM, this is the digital currency with which your sales profit increases. Unlike with Dollar/Euros, you can expect a huge increase in value with YEM income in the coming months and years. Why this is so and why this currency is stable at the bottom can be found in the document which is linked below.
  • SZ, stands for SAFEZONE, the network from which the YEM emerged and where the YEM owners are. To date there are already over 1.2 million YEM holders. These are the customers that you address with your offer.
  • SZL = Safezone Lifstyle brings you together with potential customers. As soon as your offer appears on this website, SZL informs the target group you have chosen and sends them directly to you.



And the best is yet to come. Your YEM offer on Safezone Lifestlye´s SHOPPING COMPASS, as well as all associated marketing measures (search engine optimization, email marketing, advertising network) are for you



How does it work? What is the catch?

Yes, the catch is of course also revealed to you:

Safezone Lifestyle is a hopeless ideologist. The mission of this website is not to sell advertising space. Rather, SZL has been advocating - since 2012, by the way - to promote the vision of a better Internet and a fairer world.

The YEM (Rainbow Currency) is part of this vision, because as a digital means of payment it makes cashless transfers possible for everyone on this planet.

Just one example: Did you know that half of the world's population does not have their own bank account and is therefore exposed to the arbitrariness of others in order to pay their vital bills? The YEM was designed to include to put an end to such conditions.
In addition, the YEM will promote small business globally - also because it will no longer be dependent on banks. The course for this has already been set and the train is rolling inexorably towards its destination. As a result, its value will increase dramatically in the years to come.

Are you in? Ready to move your business into a new dimension?

This document brings you a little closer to the YEM:
Confidence in YEM 4.0

And here you can find out more reasons why it makes sense to accept the YEM as a means of payment.