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YEM payment for shop operators



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The prerequisites for the practical use of a virtual payment method in everyday life.

Why Bitcoin & Co have not been widely established as a means of payment to this day

The advantages of a digital payment system for your company Summary.



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From: Dirk Herfurth

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It's the classic chicken-and-egg question that has been racking their brains in the crypto world as well as modern trade and the marketing industry since the appearance of the first cryptocoin, Bitcoin, a good 10 years ago. Numerous projects and initiatives have since tried to build a real economy that gives your coin the necessary value.


Most of them fail, however, because they do not even meet the legal requirements for a substitute currency. But even if this is the case, the question arises for the retailer "Why should I accept crypto money if I still have to cover my costs in fiat currency?" And on the other hand, there is the main argument of consumers who ask themselves "Why should I buy a crypto currency if there is no shop where I can think about my daily shopping needs?"


A hopeless situation?


This article is intended to try to convey the advantages of a cryptocurrency as a means of payment from the various points of view of a classic merchant.


YEM payment for shop operators

The prerequisites for the practical use of a virtual payment method in everyday life


Let us first examine the infrastructural components and other requirements that are fundamentally required to ensure the smooth use of a virtual means of payment in day-to-day business.


  1. A cryptocurrency that meets the legal requirements of the highest tax authority of a country or an economic zone such as the EU.
  2. A stable value regulation that avoids manipulation by large investors and thus high, unpredictable price fluctuations.
  3. A marketplace / service provider for the quick purchase of the coins.
  4. A wallet to store and manage the coins.
  5. A blockchain for transparent transfer.
  6. A mobile APP for on-site and online payment transactions.
  7. The overall package must work quickly, safely, inexpensively and maintenance-free at all nodes.


At this point the first doubts arise as to whether such a "Supercoin" even exists. Entitled!


The only digital currency I know that can really boast all 7 points mentioned is YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY (trading symbol YEM). This currency was launched in November 2017 on the initiative and under the direction of the Unicorn Network company with the strength of over 3700 members from all over the world. After a successful ICO, it was transferred to a democratically elected non-profit organization in order to be able to function as an independent, secure and stable currency.


Why have Bitcoin & Co not established themselves as a means of payment across the board to this day?


The majority of all cryptocoins in circulation are not permitted as currencies, as these are linked to business models and are not exclusively used as a means of payment. Bitcoin, for example, meets this requirement, but is not able to reflect the current exchange value and the corresponding national currency at the time of a purchase in normal freight traffic, thus providing the basis for a proper tax return.


In addition, Bitcoin is subject to unpredictable and often considerable price fluctuations, which are triggered by the targeted manipulation of large investors. That is why it has not been able to assert itself as "Everyday Money" until today.


YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY (YEM) shows you how it works properly.


YEM payment for shop operators



In addition to the fact that a state-recognized cryptocurrency does not serve any other business interests and may only be used as a means of payment, the information highlighted here is required for a proper tax return. They represent the exact value at the time of the transaction that took place (purchase transaction). These requirements are not met by any other blockchain than the YEMCHAIN, on which YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY (YEM) is managed.

The advantages of a digital payment system for your company


As a business owner, the following 4 tasks have priority for you:


  1. Customer acquisition
  2. Profit optimization
  3. Coverage of operating costs
  4. Optimization of workload / time


In this section you can now read which competitive advantages the use of a digital currency can bring you with regard to the above mentioned points of view.



1. Customer acquisition

  • Development of an additional target group.

Address customers who would like to pay digitally because they already know and appreciate the benefits. Think about how many customers you will refer to the competition if, for example, you do not offer a credit card option. The same applies to virtual payments with crypto money.


  • Additional payment option as a marketing tool.

Offer your customers a discount on YEM articles and in this way generate additional attention for your entire range.


  • Linking local shops and online trading (local online shopping).

Stand up to Amazon & Co. and bring customers from the Internet to your local store by uploading special discount vouchers against YEM payment in your online shop. A virtual payment option is THE solution for the extinction of retail in city centers around the globe.



2. Profit optimization

  • Increase in value of the coin, thus profit from a higher exchange value.The optimal investment opportunity!

Since the marketplace and with it the demand for YEM is continuously increasing, the value of your digital currency naturally also increases as a result. Let's take a quick look at what this might look like in practice:


Day 1

Daily rate YEM: 0.100 USD

Your daily income: 100,000 YEM

Total Value: $ 10,000


Day 2

Daily rate YEM: 0.150 USD

Your profit: 5000 USD

Increase in value: 50%


.... and so on!


Note: There are already several thousand YEM holders who do not offer their coins for less than 100 USD because they know the plans that will lead to the development and expansion of a large, worldwide YEM economy. The implementation of these plans is already in full swing. Those familiar with the market consider a rate of 100 - 200 euros per YEM in the next 5 years to be not unlikely.



3. Coverage of operating costs


Of course, you still have to pay your wholesalers, landlords and all service providers who basically make your business possible with fiat currency. That is why you should not offer your entire range against YEM, but only a specific selection. Set up a shelf that only contains YEM articles. You place these articles in such a way that the customer can also see articles that they might not be looking for otherwise. In this way you can continue to secure your basic sales needs in Fiat and even sell items that you may not be able to get rid of (slow-moving goods).


Another option that is available to create a balanced crypto / fiat balance is the upsale or upgrade principle. For example, sell a PC for Fiat, additional devices or software for YEM. Or offer your service on an hourly basis against Fiat and only accept YEM for any additional hours that may be required.



4. Labor, maintenance and operation


Since the entire payment process is processed online and operation via notebook / smartphone works, no additional technical equipment is required. This means that when you use a digital currency, you experience it in comparison to conservative cashless payment transactions

  • no setup costs
  • no maintenance
  • no downtime

For the sake of completeness, the fact that there is no need to count bills and coins should not go completely unmentioned. Instead, have a coffee or quit early.



We have now learned that there is a digital currency that meets all legal requirements for a sub / replacement currency. We also know that and how this can be used to win new customers and at the same time continue to use fiat currency.


Payment processing with YEM is also fast, secure and inexpensive (very low transaction fees) and should therefore be available in every shop, at every service provider and of course in the restaurant and café.


With the use of the independent YEM as a full-fledged payment system with all associated components, you have a tool that not only brings you ahead of the competition but also gives your business a modern, contemporary image.


I wish you a successful start into a new, exciting era of payment processing and a lot of fun with YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY .


Thank you for your attention. I look forward to your comment in the attachment.


With best regards



Dirk Herfurth


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