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Crypto Revolution 3.0 - BREAKING NEWS
Great news from the YEM World! The elections for the BID (International Board of Directors) of YEMFOUNDATION have been completed and the results have been determined.

Dual listing with LIKQUID - the most important properties and functions
Actually, it should "only" be a solution that leaves YEMCHAIN and vice versa, to be able to enter YEMCHAIN with the values of other blockchains (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.). Research and development took place under the project name "Bridgecoin", but once again the fact was confirmed how unsafe it would be to cooperate with a conventionally listed coin - especially in terms of value stability. So why not create a new coin right away that can do the balancing act !?

YEM super election year
The election of the new board of YEMFOUNDATION is now active (since March 20th, 2021). Please take the opportunity to exert influence and cast your votes. You have until 03/30/2021 to inform and vote.

Accepting a cryptocurrency as a shop operator - why?
The prerequisites for the practical use of a virtual payment method in everyday life. Why Bitcoin & Co have not been widely established as a means of payment to this day The advantages of a digital payment system for your company Summary.