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From: Dirk Herfurth
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YEM Foundation Board election March 2021 - The candidates


Hello YEM owner,

the election of the new board of YEMFOUNDATION is now active (since March 20th, 2021). Please take the opportunity to exert influence and cast your votes. You have until 03/30/2021 to inform and vote.

You can find all the links in the dashboard at


Why to vote?

This election only takes place every 3 years and largely determines the direction in which the YEM continues.

There are some very competent candidates whose presentation, expertise and goals you can also see under the link above.


YEM Foundation Board election March 2021 - The candidates

The candidates introduce themselves here
Ask the candidates your questions and read their answers

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Thank you for your attention and have fun / success with my information.

With best regards,
Dirk Herfurth


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