The best crypto currency in the world


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Written by: Dirk Herfurth

Estimated reading time: ca. 6 Min.


In the next few minutes you will get to know what is probably the best cryptocurrency in the world. I will show you its most important properties and the infrastructural architecture of this digital means of payment.

With a little patience and expertise, this money will allow you to fulfill your material desires. You will be amazed and happy to receive this valuable information today.

Before we start, I ask you to forget about the normal crypto world, for example Bitcoin and Co, for a few minutes. What you are about to get to know was developed as a counter-concept and really cannot be compared with anything. So open up and let the following information work on you. The value of your future wealth already depends on it.


May I introduce: The Yem!

The best crypto currency in the world


YEM stands for Your Everyday Money and was developed in 2017 with the aim of creating an international digital currency that combines all the available strengths of blockchain technology without taking over the weaknesses of other crypto currencies.

The YEM is

  • Stable instead of volatile
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Low fees
  • Energy efficient
  • Authority-friendly
  • Tax Compatible

And the YEM is transparent, so it is of no interest to the "bad guys" on the darknet.

In short, the YEM meets all the basic requirements to be used as a means of payment in everyday use. So it can definitely replace your conventional fiat currency.


The best crypto currency in the world

Why should he do that?


Quite simply: Due to its limited number, the YEM cannot be canceled. Quite in contrast to state-regulated money, which is exposed to a high rate of inflation due to the constant increase. When was the last time your local currency increased in value? Can you remember? The opposite is more likely. With the use of the state-controlled currencies you will get poorer and poorer. Thankfully there is now the beneficial invention of blockchain technology, which can make us independent of the conservative banking systems.

YEM is already worth several times a US dollar and continues to rise in value the larger its economy becomes.


The best crypto currency in the world


You will get to know and appreciate everything about the YEM with the documents that I have linked for you below this artricle. These are the official writings of the YEM Foundation, which is responsible as a regulating authority for the YEM worldwide and ensures that it is established in the financial and economic systems of this earth. Be sure to read this valuable information completely and calmly.

Now let's take a look at the most important components that technically manage, secure and support the YEM. And afterwards we take a quick look at a few projects within the YEM economy.


The best crypto currency in the world

What do we need to manage a currency and use it in everyday payment transactions?


First of all, there is the YEMCHAIN, which, among other things, records all transactions transparently and in a way that cannot be manipulated. All transactions are carried out in a fraction of a second - which clearly distinguishes the YEM blockchain from all other blockchains from the very beginning. Connoisseurs love this property of the YEM alone, in addition to its low fees and tax-friendly transparency.



Next, a secure wallet is required to store the coins. The PERNUM Multi Wallet has been providing reliable services here for years.


The best crypto currency in the world


In order to be able to buy YEM Coins, i.e. to exchange them for fiat currency, there is the YEM EXCHANGE. Here Buyers can get private orders as well as public ones. Both sides are secured by a unique escrow protection for USD payments. However, any agreed payment method is possible for private transactions.



Then we have PERNUMPAY, so that fast and uncomplicated payment at the point of sales and in online shops works smoothly. PERNUMPAY works from any device without any additional technical requirements. You don't even need an app. This is also a special feature in digital payments, which more and more retailers and customers appreciate and enjoy. And that with one hundred percent security and privacy ... or just because of that ?!


And as the last, essential component of the YEM architecture, the YEM FOUNDATION should of course be mentioned, which not only monitors the price and adjusts it to the market situation if necessary, but also makes the YEM widely known worldwide to banks, authorities and governments. The YEM FOUNDATION also provides innovative use cases that make owning YEM particularly attractive.



And finally we come to an important point: The YEM economy. Among the unique application options on the YEM marketplace, there are already projects that can be used to finance vehicles, travel and all kinds of lifestyle items via smart contracts. The opportunity to participate in real estate worldwide or invest in attractive staking products is also unique. These and a few other projects were already part of the Unicorn Network created and are constantly being expanded.



But in general you can and may pay with Yem wherever it is accepted by the seller. And so in an open, worldwide network with over 1.2 million YEM owners, new projects and application options are constantly emerging, which are increasingly strengthening the YEM economy.




So, whoever owns the yem now will no longer be able to stop their prosperity.



We want to give you the opportunity as a global leader in the YEM economy to create something unique and unprecedented.


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In the meanwile you can set up your free Wallet.


Read the Documents from the YEM FOUNDATION:

Confidence in YEM

Value of YEM

Status of YEM


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  • #2

    Werner Bulich (Friday, 26 November 2021 09:26)

    Very informative article about a special cryptocurrency with growth potential, absolutely worth reading

  • #1

    Alexander Rudolf (Friday, 26 November 2021 08:32)

    Very good article, thanks Dirk!

    There's a lot of valuable activity around the YEM which will help to increase its value.