LOTTEFREE is a great way to make big profits with Free YEM (FYEM). For example, with your welcome bonus for registering in the SAFEZONE or the Proof of Activity (POA) rewards that you receive for contributions in the WAZZUB forum or on PRO OR NO, you can win a 6-digit YEMPOT, which is then even in regular YEM is paid out. What a brilliant opportunity!

Read here how LOTTEFREE works:

The Rules

Every day we draw a new winning number in our daily free lottery. Daily winners receive their prizes automatically booked in their PerNum wallet. Every month, the winners of the daily lottery raffles are entered for another drawing to win the big YEMPOT.

Any member over the age of 14 may participate in LotteFree, provided this is not prohibited by national law. Daily prizes are paid in FYEM and cannot be converted into cash. The YEMPOT is paid in YEM.

Each member has 1 (one) free entry per day. Additional entries can only be made with FYEM. FYEMs are a free gift / reward, so LotteFree is a raffle, not a game of chance.

No purchase is required to win a prize. A purchase, payment, or activity of any kind does not increase your chances of winning.



How to win

Click on "Your Numbers" then "Next Draw" to select your 4-digit winning numbers. Every day you get 1 free entry to the daily raffle and you can purchase additional "Entries" with Free YEM (FYEM), 1 FYEM = 1 entry.

A new 4-digit winning number is drawn every day. If at least the last 2 digits of your entered numbers are correct, you will win a daily prize.

Last 2 digits correct = 0.02 FYEM
Last 3 digits correct = 0.2 FYEM
All 4 digits correct = 2 FYEM

If you win a daily prize, you will be automatically registered for the monthly YEMPOT drawing. The monthly YEMPOT winning numbers will be announced live on the SafeZone radio show during the first live radio broadcast of each month. If there are multiple winners for the YEMPOT drawing, the prize will be split.


Invite others and win when they win!

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