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Hi YEM Fan, we got wonderfull News!


The YEM FOUNDATION has released a new website at .

More content will be added step by step.
For now there is a message from the Board of International Directors to all YEM holders. You can read it here already.

With best regards

Fwd: Message from the Bord Of International Directors (BID)


"Dear YEM Holders,

It is just 10 weeks since the new Board of International Directors (BID) is in charge of protecting and growing YEM as the top global digital currency. We took the time needed to understand the status and results of the activities of the old Board of Directors, and we started immediately to find the best strategies to support and to develop YEM.

Thus, it has been very quiet in regard to public communication, but rest assured that behind the scenes we have been very busy. Here is the BID’s vision for YEM:

Most crucial is creating use cases for YEM on all levels - locally, nationally, and internationally. Growing the usage of YEM as a legal form of payment is the base for all long-term goals. ‘YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY’ is not just a marketing tagline, it is our vision of a globally accepted digital currency.

We started developing projects which make the YEM more visible to the public, for example with YEM.RUN, where everybody can donate YEM to charities simply by organizing and/or participating in local running events.

Additionally, we have created a website where the public can see all products and services which have been paid with YEM. Now it is up to you, the YEM Holders, to share your personal YEM deals with the world.

On top of that we are working on an economic stimulus program for small and medium businesses named YEMCONOMY, which will attract businesses from all around the world and raise the acceptance of YEM on all levels.

Regarding the value of YEM, we did not change the range for some time, because the prices of most other cryptocurrencies dropped by up to 50%. We believe that it is time for YEM to be less regulated but rest assured that we will always protect and grow YEM on all levels.

We will announce a public presentation shortly, where we will explain our strategies in detail, so please stay tuned for updates.

Kind regards

YEM Foundation
Board of International Directors"




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    SafezoneExpert (Friday, 16 July 2021 10:40)

    @Kishari herron:
    Please find help here
    For furthermore support issues please use our contact form or emailadress from the footer at the very bottom of this website. Thank you!

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    Kishari herron (Thursday, 15 July 2021 18:41)

    My mother is having a hard time remembering the Master Pin! Any recommendations?