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and help YEM demand raising!


Do you love the idea of an independent digital currency? Would you like to use it to pay for your everyday purchases soon?

Now actively help to tell the world about YEM! Here you can find a campaign for this purpose. With this campaign you address all people who are interested in the idea of gaining financial independence by building their own marketplace for YEM offers and at the same time receiving high commissions. They don't have to sell anything, but give away free advertising space to shops and service providers.

SHOPPING COMPASS provides you with a landingpage and the matching banners in different sizes.

You can share a simple page with some videos and a registration link or you can even promote a landingpage what let potential consultants subscribe to your email list.


And no worries, the email texts are already done for you too. You can simply copy/paste them and send with your own email service. To give you an overview, we have set up a documentation table for you, with which you can save all activities.


This is how promotion is fun and brings success!

Get involved and let us help the YEM to achieve the success it deserves. All it needs is demand. And the SHOPPING COMPASS search engine serves exactly this purpose.


Together we are strong!


Take a look at your backoffice at www.safezone.vision under CAMPAIGNS > SHOPPING COMPASS.

No consultant status required!


Youl also find valuable Traffic Resources and a powerfull Pay-Per-Click -System.




Do you have an idea for a headline, are you good at writing email texts or creating banners? Send your material or idea to Safezone Lifestyle for review. We will reward you with some YEM.


Just add the links to your files on Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud services in the message field.


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