How you too can contribute to increasing the demand for YEM!



Hello YEM Fan!


Did you know...





...that you can use our SCUBE video library to invite interested people to get to know the YEM and SHOPPING COMPASS?



Here is an example:



The hamburger menu at the top right allows visitors to navigate to various information pages or directly to the registration form. Every registered prospect receives a free SAFEZONE PASS (including 10USD in Free YEM) and is thus automatically assigned to your SAFEZONE 5-generation family. This can earn you passive commissions in YEM or USD whenever a member you invite buys or wins within the SAFEZONE. You can find out more here.



Passing on YEM and SC is worth it in two ways, as you can see.



And this is how easy it works:


1. Log into your back office at with your SZ PASS.
2. Navigate to the VIDEO LIBARY section in the menu bar on the left.
3. Find the playlist you want to share in the video library.
4. Copy the URL from the address bar of the web browser (your personal invitation code/pernum is already included)
5. Send this link to interested people (crypto investors and advertisers/business owners) and/or share the link on your social media channels and pages.



Tip: Since the link is very long, it is advisable to shorten it with an appropriate service. You can do this e.g. on OTRIM. This service also provides you traffic statistics for each link and the ability to create customized links with just a few steps more. OTRIM is part of the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem and is free forever. WATCH VIDEO



Have fun and success in spreading the good news.



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