Safezone Vision - Digital Payment Revolution (Pay With YEM)


A message from the Administrator of Safezone.Vision:


Dear SV members,

There are exciting updates for you as a YEM holder or YEM business!



We have launched our own unique Wordpress / WooCommerce Plugin for YEM payments. With that plugin, it is possible to accept and make YEM payments in any WooCommerce shop.


It is available at our brand new landingpage Pay with YEM:


It is a great tool to promote the YEM to businesses and customers with your PerNum. (If you are not yet member of, you need to login at least once to be able to use the link with your PerNum!).You can create campaigns here:

There are only 3 easy steps for visitors to get started and join the Digital Payment Revolution with YEM.

Use the website to your advantage and get businesses or customers in to get the ball rolling! It is easy as 1-2-3.

This is your chance to tell the world how great the YEM opportunity is.


Soon there will be more exclusive WP plugins available that can benefit the whole YEM community.


Safezone Vision Admin



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