Build your business with YEM AD NETWORK










The new area YEM AD NETWORK at Safezone.Vision supports you

in three ways,...



Create advertising campaigns for SAFEZONE and SHOPPING COMPASS projects.

As advertiser you now have the chance to either promote on your own (like you are used to) or let publishers promote links for you (paid per click in YEM).

+ Pay Per Click (100% YEM Payment) or On Your Own (100% Free)
+ Create your personal invitation links for a specific project
+ Click statistics about your campaigns


Get helpful hints and usage instructions for Safezone Vision


The YEM AD NETWORK section at SV also allows you to...




Promote advertising campaigns and earn real YEM.

As publisher you now have the chance to promote links through your own website or blog (via code) or at other places like traffic exchanges. Both will reward you with real YEM from the advertisers.

+ Click & Earn statistics about your ads
+ Automatic earning to your PERNUM wallet

Important hint:
Your old promotion links still work, but if you want to earn real YEM promoting one of the links you need to get a listed campaign and create a link for that in the backoffice area "Get Campaigns" of "Earn as Publisher".


With the help of YEM AD NETWORK section at SV you can also...




Gain more visitors to your SZ and SV links through the traffic resources listed in this section

+ Add your personal reflinks to each traffic resource to gain more referrals for them


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