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here comes a little insider info for you, with invaluable historical value. For the first time in the history of blockchain, bitcoin is dethroned. What a milestone for the YEM and what an insult for the disciples of Bitcoin!

By: Dirk Herfurth
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Even though the majority of the participating YEM holders recently decided as part of comprehensive reforms that YEM should be listed on Coinmarketcap.com (CMC) and the negotiations on the part of the YEM Foundation are probably going on there in accordance with their obligation, in my opinion these Facts will never see anyone there.

For the first time in the history of blockchain, bitcoin is dethroned.


Incidentally, I myself voted against this "pandering". The only advantage: the level of awareness. It would just be an additional marketing measure - no more and no less. But at what price? You join the ranks of thousands of shitcoins and submit to the dictates of the makers of Binance. In my view, this is a step backwards.

In this article, you can see very plausibly why CMC poses a threat to the entire crypto market.

Nevertheless, many YEM owners obviously make the success of YEM dependent on it. The reasons for this can be found in the lack of understanding of the conception and origin of the YEM, as well as the lack of knowledge of the connections between Binance and CMC. Unfortunately, that's how it is and you have to accept it. In any case, YEM does not have to do that!

Let's wait and see what the YEM Foundation makes of it. YEM to the Moon!


Bitcoin is dethroned by YEM ...for the first time in the history of blockchain .

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These were the most important reforms that have already been implemented or are in the final stages of development.

  • Replacement of regulation by an algorithm
  • Adaptation of the supply display to the usual market habits
  • Opening of the Yemchain for all coins (while maintaining security standards)
  • Establishment of a supporter club (incl. merchandise and flexible staking system)
  • Realignment and restructuring of the YemExchange
  • Launch of a second exchange and a digital wallet center
  • Establishment of a social media team
  • Improvement of the YEM Foundation website
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap.com

All background information on these measures can be found in the corresponding webinar protocols.


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