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+++ Please read the IMPORTANT UPDATE in the comments below. Posted by SC ADMIN. +++



WOW, our Marketing Director had the crazy idea of giving away prizes to our Youtube Channel subscribers.

From now on you can win $1000.- in valuable Free YEM every day! Nothing is easier than that. Just take part in our competition.

Every day we pick a lucky winner from the comments on our channel videos.


Sounds exciting? It is!

Take part!


Subscribe to our channel and leave a unique comment on any video, along with your Pernum. And you're in the pot! You can comment as many videos as you want. Each comment participates in an unlimited number of draws. Commented once, always included!

Read the exact conditions of participation and rules below this video. You will also find instructions there that explain where and how you can collect your winnings.

The SHOPPING COMPASS team and SAFEZONE LIFESTYLE wishes you the best of luck!


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    SC ADMIN (Saturday, 13 November 2021 01:14)

    Dear subscribers of our SHOPPING COMPASS Youtube channel,

    Thank you for the numerous participation in our competition. As you have probably already noticed for yourself, Youtube hides most of the comments on our videos for reasons that are not known so far. This applies to comments that contain a pernum (i.e. a long sequence of numbers) as well as those that contain only words or a combination of words and digit fragments.

    After further extensive tests with various user accounts and devices, we could not find a satisfactory answer that can serve as a basis for a fair determination of the daily winner. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all testers from the bottom of our hearts.

    It is particularly noticeable and at the same time inexplicable that one of the dozen channel subscribers is allowed to post his Pernum while everyone else is denied it. Only our own comments, in which we publish e.g. the winners Pernum and the 16-digit voucher code, are allowed by Youtube. But even here, no continuous pattern can be seen, as it works in some videos but not in others. There is simply no reliable way to communicate on Youtube.

    In the notifications and by email, we receive information about every single comment, but we cannot react to it and let it take part in the prize draw because it is not displayed below the videos.

    We have now submitted a complaint to Youtube and asked for an explanation and also ask you to ask why you are not allowed to post comments on our channel. You can use the feedback form that appears in the top right drop-down menu of your user profile.

    Furthermore, for reasons of fairness, we have decided not to continue the competition until a new comment qualified in accordance with the rules has been published. We will of course keep an eye on your activities on a daily basis and hope that we will soon be able to pay out our prizes to other subscribers.

    Thank you for your understanding and your support!

    Here you can continue to support us - if you are lucky:

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    Haryadi (Monday, 08 November 2021 18:28)

    Good project, ask for the information, to join

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    Mathias DAGAN (Monday, 08 November 2021 03:52)

    My pernum 10000812603
    J'apprécie énormément ce jeu de SHOPPING COMPASS. Nous gagnons de façon illimité.

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    SC ADMIN (Sunday, 07 November 2021 20:21)

    IMPORTANT UPDATE (2021-11-07)

    We noticed that Youtube hides all comments that contain a sequence of digits below a video. This makes it impossible for us to determine a winner.

    After carrying out extensive tests with various channels and videos, we found a solution.

    So that your comments can be taken into account for the prize drawing, please write your Pernum as follows:

    My Pernum *1234567890*

    The ** will not be visible after sending, as they are used to create bold letters. However, the entire comment, including the Pernum, should remain visible and can thus participate in the draws.

    If you have already commented in vain, just repeat it now, observing the notation above. Your effort will be worth it! Each comment is like a lifetime ticket to win. If you have left a correct comment in all videos (with the exception of the promo video and the live draws), you will automatically take part in the draw once a day.

    Here is another example of a correct comment:

    I like SHOPPING COMPASS! My Pernum is *1234567890*

    Good luck to all!

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    Mathias DAGAN (Thursday, 04 November 2021 14:45)

    C'est génial, c'est merveilleux !