Safezone Vision - Traffic Resources (Get Referrals & EarnYEM!)

Update November 30, 2023:
We have separated the campaigns for SHOPPING COMPASS (SC) from the campaigns for the various SAFEZONE (SZ) projects. You can now find the SC campaigns in the back office on, while the SZ campaigns are still available on The videos in this article refer to SV, however the SC campaigns still work in the same way.




This new feature allows you to get referrals for any kind of traffic resource we list.

PLUS you can earn YEM (not FYEM!), if you wish!


Use the TRAFFIC RESOURCES for your SAFEZONE 5 Generations!


It's easy!

Some FAQ


What are the benefits for me?

1. You gain visitors for your SZ links and thus grow your 5 generations.
2. You earn more referrals for the traffic resources when you activate your own referral link. Each reflink is shown dynamically for your SZ 5 generations that logged into SV.

3. You earn YEM by setting up a campaign taken from the YEM AD NETWORK section


How can I get more referrals?

1. Simply login to your SV backoffice .
3. Search and Signup to any of the listed Traffic Resource!
4. Click the "Add Referral Links" button at the top right corner and fill in your own referral link.


How can I earn YEM?

1. Go to the YEM AD NETWORK section and select "Get Traffic".

2. Choose TRAFFIC RESOURCES (the right hand table).

3. Get a campaign from the listed ones.

4. Set it up at any traffic resource you are connected with on

5. Check your stats, earnings and payouts on the hourly basis.


Watch these videos to see how it works.

Have fun growing your 5 generations, getting free traffic...

...and earn YEM!

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