How can YEM Coins be multiplied? [Update]



Dear investor,


did you know that YEM is one of the most energy-efficient cryptocurrencies in the world, as it is not created through computing power (mining), but through the activities of wallet owners (minting)?


Thus YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY (YEM) is definitely your best choice to rely on a reliable, stable currency for digital payments in daily shopping. You are not only promoting your own prosperity, you are also part of a global, revolutionary movement at the same time.


Below are some options that you can use to increase your existing YEM balance on the Pernum Multi Wallet or start collect YEM from scratch.

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How can YEM Coins be multiplied?

These are your Options


1. Sell new or used items, coupons, etc. Services on YEMBIDS.

2. Put YEM in the Proof of Stake Pool (POS) on and participate in all fees within the Yemchain (starting at 100k YEM).


3. Use your invitation links (desired-project-page / your-pernum), invite friends and colleagues to the Safezone and receive lifelong commissions and bonuses for every purchase that takes place in connection with these people. Let yourself be rewarded: every time one of your Unicorn Family members (5 generations) wins a prize on, and, you are part of it. Play and win yourself every day!

4. Make active use of the Wazzub forum (in compliance with the Unicorn Non-Spam Policy).

5. Be active on

6. Share your ideas and projects on and receive rewards every time one of your ideas is implemented in the Safezone.

7. Buy more YEM and get a special bonus.

8. Invest in YEMCHAIN's Utiliy Coins and then sell your coins at a profit against YEM.

9. Play .

10. Play .



11.  Play . [NEW]



12. Win prices at the weekly SAFEZONE RADIO SHOW. Info at Dashboard


13. Sell products and services - set up your free classifieds at SHOPPING COMPASS .



14. Help business owners get a free advertising entry in the SHOPPING COMPASS and receive valuable commissions and bonuses. More info



15. Invest  BTC and get +100% in YEM on your return.



[NEW] 16. Participate in the SHOPPING COMPASS daily prize draw



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